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Top 10 PG Real Estate Moments

Posted on March 6, 2015 by Team Powerhouse in Commercial, Real Estate, Residential

To celebrate the incorporation of Prince George as a city on March 6th, 2015, we’ve scoured The Exploration Place archives in search of our ten favourite Prince George residential and commercial real estate moments.



10) Accessibility was an important issue. Almost all buildings were accessible by horse.

Prince George BC archival photo



9) Is it a hut or a tent?

A bank was established here, because what could be more secure?

Bank of North America Prince George archival



8) Somebody got tired of straight lines and invented the Crescents.

Crescents Prince George BC city view archival



7) These city builders found the best lunch spot.

Construction workers Prince George BC archival



5) Rustic homes were rustic.

 log cabin Prince George BC archival



4) Owning a business on Third Avenue meant you had to have Big City Lights.

 Third Ave Prince George BC archival



3) Proudly making moving house a lot more complicated.

Moving half a house Prince George BC archival



2) & 1) In the good old days of commercial real estate, having a moose in or on top of your business was a sign of prosperity.

Gas station Moose Prince George BC archival

McDonald Hotel Moose Prince George BC archival






Go visit The Exploration Place online to access thousands of images from our city’s past!


We’re looking forward to celebrating Prince George’s centennial year. Happy 100th Anniversary Prince George!


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