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Meet the REALTOR®: Ashley Woods

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Team Powerhouse in Real Estate, Residential

Ever wondered what it takes to make a great REALTOR®? We asked REALTOR® Ashley Woods how she got into the business, what she loves about her job, and why she loves her hometown of Prince George, BC. Keep reading to get her top tips for homebuyers and sellers.

What’s your background?

Hi, I am Ashley Woods. I was born and raised in Prince George B.C. and I am so proud to call this place home! After attending high school and college here, I became an Esthetician since I really enjoyed working with people and being the highlight of their day! It has now been nearly ten years since my career began and after having my son almost two years ago, I decided that I needed something more. It was the perfect time to make a change and become a REALTOR®.

Why real estate?

The designs of houses and their interiors initially attracted me to real estate, but as my career has progressed, I’ve realized there is so much more to it and I love it. The challenges every day are so fulfilling, and different. Being able to help people make the biggest decision of their lives and ensure it is a smooth transition is one of the main reasons I chose a career in real estate. I am proud to say I am in business for myself, and can still make time for my family.

What do you have to offer clients that makes you stand out as a REALTOR®?

Undivided attention to each and every client is very important, I believe that in doing this I will be able to assist all my clients on a personal level helping them through the buying and selling process.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Seeing people get excited about the prospect of their new purchase or sale! It means I am doing my job right. Smiles make my day.

What is your #1 tip for buyers?

Make sure you are pre-approved for your new mortgage loan! We don’t want any unexpected hiccups once the offer has been accepted.

What is your #1 tip for sellers?

If you want your home to show well and attract buyers, then de-clutter, clean, and make your home inviting. A home at its best will always show better then one that has dust bunnies hiding in the corner.

What is the best thing about living in Prince George?

Living in Prince George is great. Our community shines when it comes to the amazing culture we have cultivated over the last few years! The restaurant industry in the downtown core is a delicious adventure I encourage anyone to go on. The sheer beauty of our surrounding area is also another benefit to living in Prince George. If you enjoy camping, fishing, and hunting like we do, then you only need to go 20 mins to find a beautiful spot. (And don’t forget, everything is only 5 minutes from you, so who wouldn’t want that!)


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